Adult Sewing Classes 

Beginners Program
to get you started Sewing:

I WANT TO LEARN TO SEW BUT… I am having problems understanding it all. In this Beginners class, you will learn basic sewing skills that will start you out in the right direction!  You will make simple projects while learning how to use the machine, notions, and the fractions of sewing.

Only $48.00 per 3 weeks session; OR sign up for 9 nine weeks for a free class

$138.00(plus tax). Classes available thru June 29 & are subject to policy.

Intro to Dressmaking

Want to change the pace from not being able to make garments right---to 
wearing and being proud of your dressmaking? 
Learn what it takes, 
Get the sound foundations that will enable you to make clothes you like & fit well. 


How to evaluate & read a pattern, 
take proper body measurements,
pick your pattern size, 
understand ease, 
cutting methods, 
different fabric properties,
types of thread & there uses, 
proper fitting techniques
pressing & ironing techniques

Dressmaking Class

pre requisites Begining sewing and Intro to Dressmaking

Want to change the pace, making your own clothing from difficult to easy but need some help? 
Get professional advice that will enable you to make clothes you like.
Get a sound foundation that will give you the ability to make clothes that fit well.  
Learn proper fitting techniques and professional alterations while sewing clothes.
Analyze, evaluate and execute, all of which is necessary to distinguish characteristics of dressmaking through the understanding of the components that you combine to create it.

Dressmaking...seeking the sewing cloths, custom fit.


GID Classes: What? Yeah... Get It Done Classes


Bring your unfinished dressmaking projects, skirts, tops etc., or quilt and quilt related projects 
and let Linda help you finish up. You'll get the advice you need 
to get that project out of the closet. No project is too old, undone or unusual 
for Linda…This class is designed for you to have fun and Get It Done! All levels welcome.