Kids Sewing School

Teaching a child to sew involves more than putting them in front of a sewing machine or giving them a needle with thread!

Sewing is an art and a skill your child will use for a lifetime.

We acquaint the child with the sewing machine and have the child practice sewing over lines, squares and the circles on fabric.

We start with easy achievable projects for immediate gratification. These projects are the way we practice and its fun!

Your child is involved in the selection process. This generates creativity: planning of a project, fabric selection, notions used and proper tools to be used and enhances their minds

Safety precautions are exercised with sewing notions and equipment. they are a part of the sewing lesson.

we use language kids can understand and relate to, but use the real names for machine parts, sewing skills, notions and sewing tools.

Focusing on the fun of sewing, we also practice to accomplish a nice product 

we teach your child to be comfortable with their sewing skills before we teach them dressmaking.

Kids Beginner Class

Enhancement 102 and 103

This beginner 6 week sewing program is filled with five fun projects, plus a simple skirt that will teach your child how to use the sewing machine, introduce sewing tools and learn functions used in sewing

These classes are designed to keep your child sewing, continuing to develop the motor skills necessary for sewing, more sewing term and notions to learn about

Kids Beginner

Projects Sewn in this Class

Jewel Bag

Pouch Bag 

Sac Bag

Composition Tablet Cover


Jelly Fish Bag

Enhancement 102

Projects Sewn in this Class

Pencil Case

Cutie bag

Composition Tablet Cover

Betty Bag

            Treasure Bag

Enhancement 103

Projects Sewn in this Class

Blooming Flower

Small Folder

Flounce Skirt

Rose Bud

Chenille Purse

Programs are for kids 10-16 years (8-10 Years modified) Costs for the Beginners Classes and Enhancement classes are only $115.00 for each 6-week program. Everything is included except the material needed for the skirt, shorts or flounce skirt in which the student has the opportunity to purchase. Ask about our Discounts for Clubs and Groups